Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Craft: Bunting

Another simple craft project I did for our mini tree was some Christmas bunting.
I LOVE bunting!
There is something about seeing a row of flags in gorgeous fabrics that I just love.
I didn't want to go to any expense with this project so I just used what I found in my stash. I found some pale blue gingham and some red check Ikea fabric which I had left over from making some pillowcases for Rosie and Harry.
I had run out of white cotton tape but I found some printed tape which I had saved from a gift and this was fine. I just flipped it over to the plain side! Gosh I love being sustainable and reusing things, there is such satisfation in giving something a new life.
I decided to go for the lazy option and didn't even sew my flags, I simply cut them out with my pinking shears. What could be easier? After that I pinned them onto the gift tape and sewed a straight stitch across...easy!
They are now draped across Rosie and Harry's tree and are a great alternative to the traditional tinsel. :)

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