Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Harry!

Four years ago at just after 9pm, our little Harry was born. He remained nameless for a couple of days, despite having known we were expecting a boy for several months.
Now we can't imagine him as anything but a Harry. :)
Today we started the day with a few presents and Harry was thrilled with his new cars and Zhu Zhu hamster.
He also has a new rug (Ikea, again!) for his cars and has already tested out the 'roads' by zooming around the tracks with his cars. This was also a present for our floors, to protect them from the banging or scratching of a busy four year old. :)
We made this chocolate cake for Harry to take to preschool to share with his friends.
We laminated a picture of him dressed up as Spiderman and then covered the rest of the cake in his favourite lollies and some candles.
Harry kindly shared a piece with Rose and I after we collected him this afternoon. :)
We finished the day by going out to dinner as a family and Harry was able to choose his favourite book to read at bedtime. It has been a lovely day and it saddens me to think how fast the time is flying by. I want to savour every little moment with my littlies, they are only small for such a short time. :)

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