Friday, December 10, 2010

Cookie Cutter Storage

After yesterday's post regarding cookies for Santa, I thought I would share my cookie cutter storage boxes. I know these are not rocket science but they really have made my baking life a lot easier!
We have accumulated a lot of cookie cutters over the years, from all sorts of places. They have been used for playdough, drawing and tracing, as well as the obvious...cookie making! As a result of their multi use, they could be found in every conceivable place in the house, including the bottom of toy boxes and underneath the sofa.
It was a constant job to try and round them all up again so now I have created a central place for them to be stored and they are all easily accessible when needed. On my last trip to Ikea I found these great stackable storage boxes. They were cheap and cheerful too!
Rosie and Harry are now responsible for rounding up the cutters when we have finished, and placing them back in their boxes all ready for next time. Such a simple solution that I wish I had done sooner. :)

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