Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Craft: Doily Snowflakes

Do you have a stash of paper doilies that you don't know what to do with?
I found a tutorial for a great way to put these to good use...as Christmas snowflakes!
Belinda over at The Happy Home Blog is a former editor of Real Living magazine and is super talented when it comes to projects such as these. You can check out her instructions for these gorgeous snowflakes here.
I am not usually a paper doily kind of girl so I had to visit my local $2 Shop to find these. I am pretty sure you can also find them at most supermarkets.
The thing I love most about these, apart from the fact that they are a cinch to make, is that you can use them however you like. I had grand plans to hand sew decorations for Rosie and Harry's tree but in the end, these were a simpler option.
I decided to use them as tree decorations. I used one of the large ones as the tree topper and have some smaller ones resting on the branches below. I love them and may even make a few more next year to place on our walls. :)
Tomorrow I will be sharing the Christmas bunting on our mini tree. :)

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