Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cushions

I am a cushion girl so I thought it might be nice to add some Christmas cheer to our living area by adding some of these lovely cushions.
I found some great red and white striped canvas from Spotlight and was all set to sew up some cushions but thought I would prewash the fabric can guess what happened. The white stripes became pink and unfortunately no amount of treatment would restore them. I was very upset!
I contemplated going back to buy more fabric but then I found these red and white stripe cushion packs at Ezibuy and decided to adapt them.
I love stripes of any kind so these fitted the bill perfectly. They originally came with tassels which are really not my style, a pair of scissors soon fixed that!
The tassels were binned and I got my cheery Christmas cushions after all. :)

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