Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Multipurpose Guest Room

Here is our guest room a.k.a Rosie's room. A few days ago I mentioned that Rosie had moved back to her old bedroom after sharing with Harry for almost a year.
Last year we converted her room to a guest bedroom as our actual guest room is downstairs and therefore out of action, pending some upcoming drainage work.
Usually this room is full of pink bedding and Barbies but when we have visitors it is quickly made into a more grown up space with the addition of a new duvet cover and quilt.
I love how the room serves two purposes and although we don't have guests too often, it is nice having somewhere for them to stay when we do.
Rosie also loves going back to sleep in her old top bunk in Harry's bedroom (high novelty factor!) and is quite happy to sacrifice her room for visitors.
It also satisfies my need for regular changes in our home and given that I like to do this often, who knows what lies ahead for this room! :)

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