Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Life Tuesday: Kids Art

Last week Harry came home with this little beauty...for me!
He knows that his Mum loves cupcakes so he lovingly made this one for me at preschool. It is made from a milk bottle top, fluff, paint and glitter. It is so sweet and he was very proud of himself. :)
It is very hard to keep and store all the art your children make for you so taking a photo of it is a great way to capture the memory and still keep your home from becoming overtaken with creations.
Challenge for Project Lifers: Take a photo of a special piece of art your child has made especially for you. :)


Polkadot Carly said...

Tui !
I have been a pretty slack blogger of late and just yesterday started to revisit my blog and get excited about it again... As I was visiting mine I began looking through everyone else's that I follow and I have to say YOU ARE AMAZING! What an inspiration!!! How do you find all the time to do all of this stuff and blog! You're home looks amazing at the same time too!
Thanks for sharing so many wonderful and inspiring projects. They're fantastic!
Luv Carly

Tui B said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments Carly. I had a long day yesterday and your kind words made my day! :) I love blogging and try to think of it as capturing a bit of family history. My whole family like to look back on posts and recall fun times and I really enjoy it. Look forward to seeing your blog too! Thanks again. :)