Saturday, April 2, 2011

Harry's Big Boy Bedroom

Harry's room has had a few small changes made to it in recent weeks to turn it into a haven suitable for a big boy. :)
For the last few months it has been a shared bedroom for Rosie and Harry so everything was very unisex. No pink for Rosie and no boy motifs for Harry. We really didn't want to change too much and more importantly, spend much, so with the addition of a few small items we have made it into a more boyish space.
I will start by saying that if Harry had his own way, his room would be bright blue and red with black spiderwebs painted on the wall and matching Spiderman bedding. Unfortunately for him, he has a mother who believes that all the rooms in the house should link in some way and for us that is with white paint. :)
The hardest part about having bunks is finding matching bedding so I turned to the world wide web to help with this. There are fantastic options available in NZ but the nicest ones are still very costly. The first place I tried was Ebay Australia and I found these boat duvet sets from this seller. The service was great and the quality was excellent so I was very happy. International postage is always costly but it is still a lot less than buying here in NZ.
We kept the red wooden alphabet wall letters as I still love them as much as I did the day they went up. You can make your own by buying the letters from Spotlight and painting them any colour you like. :)
I switched around a few cushions I already had (from Wallace Cotton and Bed, Bath and Beyond) and the duvet sets came with cushion covers as well. I also switched around the bedside table as their last one needs repairing and we had this star one just sitting in our garage from our previous house.
To finish it off I found a great Treehouse nautical theme striped rug on Trademe for $3.00. Perfect! To furnish and finish this room was a lot of fun and despite it not being Spiderman, Harry absolutely loves it and is very proud of his new space. :)

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