Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bennett Family Vegetable Patch

Yes, you heard right, we finally have a vegetable garden!
All the credit for this must go to Karen. She came for a visit a few days ago and worked her magic to transform the garden from sad and neglected to awesome and fab!
We have literally done nothing to the garden in the almost two years we have lived here. The previous owner had this raised bed built for his wife as a birthday present, to prevent her from straining her back, so sweet. :)
One afternoon while we were at work, Karen cleared out the mass of weeds and who knows what else, to unveil a patch all ready for planting. She took us to the garden shop and together we chose some vegetables suitable for planting in cooler weather (who am I kidding, she chose them, I would have no idea!).
Rosie and Harry helped with the entire planting process and absolutely loved being out in the garden. They have been regularly checking their vegetables and have been very excited to see the growth that has taken place in the last few days.
Watering the garden has proved to be such a popular job that it must be shared and they each take turns watering throughout the week.
It is fantasic looking down and seeing our new little vege patch. Thanks Karen for all your help in getting us up and running with this little project. It is very motivating!
And just to prove how overgrown this patch really was, take a look at this photo...
which was taken 10 months ago!

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