Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIY Update: Roof Painting

Yep, we have action again on the DIY front! Taff has been very enthusiastic about getting back into the renovation of our brick and tile beauty. I use that term affectionately as otherwise I would despair at all the work that lies ahead. True, there has been a fair amount of work that has already taken place but we have had a quiet few months on the renovation front. :)
It was with this renewed enthusiasm that Taff took himself onto our roof a few days ago and our very sadly neglected tiles received their first coat of Resene Ironsand. I was quite worried about him being up there, it is very high after all, however as you can see, he was in his element.
Even Rosie and Hunter found a good position to watch all the action from!
The spray gun made it all a lot faster but you do need to ensure that you have perfect weather conditions for it. Any wind at all and there can be disastrous consequences and potentially very unhappy neighbours!
It was the first coat of possibly many, the roof is close to 50 years old and in original condition. This means a lot of work but we are excited to be tackling another project on this (mostly!) fun journey. :)

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