Thursday, April 21, 2011

My New Salsa Cushions

I have a thing for cushions and I love the way they transform a room and can give a space a whole new look. In saying that, I really dislike paying a lot for them as you always need several in a similar colour palette and this very quickly adds up to an expensive outlay.
In the last couple of weeks I finally got around to making a few cushions that I have had planned for a while. I like to change the colours in our house often as I get bored easily but the only way to make this cost effective is to make them myself!
I found this remnant at a paint supply store that was closing down about 3 years ago. It was in their clearance bin for $4 and is actually a great quality fabric from a high end UK supplier. I loved the colours and the pattern and have always had plans to make a couple of cushions out of it.
I know, I know, three years is a long time to get around to it but it felt great to finally whip out the machine and give this remnant a new life.
I have sewn a few cushions in my time but due to long stretches in between sewing, I always seem to forget how to insert the zip! I had to consult this You Tube clip to equip myself with some handy hints. :)
These didn't take long to make and I love that they are original and were cheap as chips. At $2 per cushion, it is a great way to give your room a little update. :)

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