Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kitchen Sink Organisation

Our kitchen sink (or more specifically, underneath the sink!) has been in need of a bit of organising love for quite some time and I finally disciplined myself to tackle this job in the last week of term.
First I thought I would share my latest bargain discovery and these little gems have become my organising best friends. I usually prefer Sterilite products but since discovering these at K-mart, I haven't looked back.
These storage containers are CHEAP and work out at $1-2 per basket but seem much sturdier than their counterparts at the $2 Shop. They come in loads of different sizes and I have found them really useful for all sorts of organising jobs around the home. :)
Prior to this little project, we had absolutely no organisation going on underneath our sink area. It was simply a case of throwing it in the cupboard and forgetting about it!
While this has worked well for many years, I am trying to introduce more efficient systems in our home, hence the new basket system.
After pulling everything out I sorted it all into categories and then allocated the contents to a basket. Things not only look better now, but it is much easier to find what I am looking for.
And just to prove what a messy lot we are, here is the 'before' shot and the reason why I needed to get this area sorted in the first place! :)
What a mess!

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