Sunday, May 1, 2011

Using Excess Photos for Project Life

Today I thought I would share some of the ways I use excess photos from Project Life. Even though I am following the POTD (Picture of the day) format, this doesn't mean I take only one photo a day. On some days I take none (gasp!) and on other days I might take ten.
This means when it comes time to print out my photos for journaling, I often end up with a few extras at the end of every month. Instead of throwing these out I have found a simple way I can use them in Project Life and at the same time give extra coverage to special events such as birthdays, etc.
When you purchase the Project Life kit you also get extra sheets of co-ordinating scrapbooking paper to use for anything you wish. I have decided to use one of these at the end of every month to create a simple layout using some of the excess photos I end up with from that month. I needed to purchase some extra 12x12 pockets from Spotlight to accommodate these extra pages but I use the spare journaling cards from the kit to do some additonal writing about events from the month.
I have also found these extra pages great for covering events such as Harry's recent birthday party. This is our main family album for the year so I want to include as many memories as I can, with minimum fuss and effort. :)
Another idea I intend to do is enlarge my favourite photo for the month and have that as my final page before starting the new month. I am really enjoying this way of recording our families memories and after a few years of slack personal journaling, I think I have found a way of doing it that suits me in this busy season of life. :)

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