Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is that black paint? Why yes, it is!

Yep, we have a little black paint project going on in our house. I have had a mini obsession with black paint in interiors for quite some time but the conservative in me could never take the plunge...until now.
Granted, it is a small tin of paint and a small area of our house but I am being brave and it is black paint nonetheless! Well, Resene Nero, to be exact. What we hadn't expected was this disaster! I had read about some similar experiences with black paint peeling but it was still a shock to see it peeling away before our eyes.
Let's just say that it took a few days and a great deal of sweat (Taff's, not mine!) to rectify this problem, but he did, and I love our new little black wall. More details to come soon. :)

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