Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easy Kitchen Chalkboard Project

For a long time I have wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen to record my shopping lists and notes. I usually scrawl these on scraps of paper and then go on to lose them in the depths of my handbag or accidently throw them out.
About three months ago I found a super cheap chalkboard from the Warehouse for about $13 so I picked it up and put it away to use at a later date, once the kitchen had been repainted.
Although it was cheap, it unfortunately actually looked very cheap with it's natural plywood frame so a few days ago I decided it was time to finally attack the chalkboard project.
I masked up the board so that I wouldn't get any paint on the chalk surface and then used the leftover Resene Nero to paint the frame a deep black. It looked 100% better once it was painted and I now use it all the time! It is very useful having a place to record notes and lists and for under $15, it was a bargain project.
I have also placed our school routines chart underneath so that the kids can come home and check it each day and know exactly what I expect them to do before snack time. :)

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