Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rosie's Dancing: 2010 Dance Inc Show

Rosie attends her Dance Inc. classes after school once a week and for the last few months they have been working very hard to prepare for their end of year show.
Rosie off to another Saturday rehearsal
The last show she did was for Toddler Toes but now that she is a big school girl, her rehearsals prior to the final event were more frequent. She spent many hours in rehearsals, but she was always very happy to attend and really enjoyed herself there.
The big day finally arrived and Hollie kindly did her stage make-up for us. She was quite nervous about the shows ahead, but also very excited too.
First up was the Pony dance, a well known song from the Wiggles. They had the cutest pony outfits for this, complete with swishing tails!
she was quite nervous about this performance as they combined with a class from another location and the group was quite big.
Despite her nerves, she did such a great job and we were super proud of her. Her Nana and Papa came up from Hamilton to see the show too so she was very chuffed to have us all in the audience.
There was just enough time to come home from the matinee performance, have a little rest (and a lipstick touch up, of course!) and then it was back for the evening performance. At the end of the day she was exhausted but said, "Mum, at the start of the day I was very scared, but I had such fun and now I don't want the day to end." Rosie is quite a shy girl but I think her dancing has really helped her confidence. Most days she comes home, gets changed into her dance clothes and dances the rest of the day away! I think she is looking forward to next year already...

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