Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Decoration Organising: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my Christmas organising posts.
Yesterday I shared my system for organising smaller ornaments and today I will share how I plan to store larger Christmas items this year.
I was in Kmart the other day and found these great large storage boxes in red and green.
They will be easily spotted amongst all the plain white storage bins in the garage and are the perfect size for storing larger items such as wreaths, Santa sacks, lights and other Christmas decor items.
I also found this cute wreath storage bag from Ezibuy and as you can see, it is huge and will fit several wreaths easily. It feels good to have tackled this project early and sorting through my decorations and organising them has really got me excited about the coming weeks!
Tomorrow I will be sharing my home made felt heart decorations. :)

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