Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Letters to Santa

Yesterday afternoon we spent some time writing letters to Santa.
Santa has a hard time knowing exactly what Rosie and Harry would like for Christmas so these letters will really help him out. :-)
I found some gorgeous letter templates on the Martha Stewart Website  and we set about personalising them with our own details.
Rosie wrote out what she would like and filled it all in herself. The letter has a space where you describe the colour of your roof so Santa can recognise it. She and Harry ran outside and checked out all the details so they could give Santa as much information about our house as possible.
Harry can't write yet so I had collected some junk mail for a few days and he cut out the things that appealed to him and glued them to his letter. I helped him fill out the details by writing down the words for him.
We will be posting our letters this week and who knows, they may even get a reply. :-)
You can find a copy of the boys letter here and the girls letter here.