Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DIY Organic Christmas Decorations

Last year I chose a green and silver theme for our Christmas decorations and although it looked very modern and minimalist, I didn't like it. This year I wanted a more 'organic' looking Christmas tree so I went in search of decorations that fitted this brief.
It may seem ironic, considering I really don't like real Christmas trees (or the mess they create) but I really liked the idea of earthy looking decorations which were very simple.
These DIY decorations from Spotlight fitted perfectly with what I was aiming for. They are essentially brown paper maiche decorations in a variety of shapes, designed to be painted and embellished with your own designs...only I didn't want to embellish them, I wanted them just as they were.
Rosie came with me and was mortified to hear that they would be staying in their raw state. This was certainly not what she had in mind! I know they are not everyone's cup of tea but I love them.
All I did was remove the original thin gold braid loops and replace them with some different types of striped red and white ribbon, also from Spotlight.
I loved how they turned out and am looking forward to placing them on my fake Christmas tree in a few weeks. :-)
Tomorrow I will be sharing more of my organic decorations from Trade Aid and later in the week, some organising posts for all your Christmas paraphernalia.

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