Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bathroom Organisation

Organising our bathroom was a project I had been putting off for a long time but I finally bit the bullet and dedicated an hour or two to sorting out the mess in there.
Our bathroom was in need of some love...
In recent weeks our bathroom has become a hub of action due to the painting that has been going on in that end of the house. Buckets of paint have been stored in our bath and paint brushes were wrapped each night and placed in all sorts of places. Grandma's stool even lived there for a few days while Taff was painting our room.
The junk drawer
We are lucky enough to have a good size vanity and after living with tiny ones at our last two houses, I really appreciated the space. I took this too far however and my cupboards and drawers were littered with so many products which we never used. Just look at this junky drawer!
These came from the Red Shed a few months ago...
I went through every nook and cranny and threw out all the products which we never used...and there were a lot. I had about 6 hand creams and several bottles of toner. Who has time for toner?!
...and so did these
I then searched around the house for some storage options for the products that survived the cut. I found some baskets which were languishing in a cupboard and they now have a new home in our bathroom.
Cleaning Caddy
I also created this cleaning caddy, specifically for the bathroom so that everything is on hand when it is needed. There are no excuses not to clean with Jiff and Shower Power right there!
Far more organised now
Our vanity is now a lot more organised and only contains items we actually use. 
Easy to find our most used items
I am glad to have finally tackled this task and now it is on to the next one. :-)
Now I really can relax. :)

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