Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Decoration Organisation: Part One

Today I thought I would share my new system for organising and storing my Christmas ornaments. My previous system was a large old plastic crate and although it was fine, it wasn't the most efficient way to keep my ornaments safe.
All the fragile ones were kept wrapped in tissue paper but despite my best efforts, several of these have been broken over the years. I was looking for a more effective solution and I found it at Spotlight a few weeks ago.
They had these great large sturdy boxes, especially designed for Christmas ornaments and I knew I had found the solution I was looking for. They have two trays inside, one for large decorations and the other for smaller ones. They are great for protecting more fragile glass ornaments and I was very pleased to finally have a better solution for storing my decorations. After all, for 11 months of the year they are tucked away in a cupboard so they need to be well protected when they aren't in use.
Tomorrow I will be sharing my simple solution for storing larger Christmas items such as wreaths and Santa sacks. :-)

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