Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water Baby

One of the blessings of having a pool at home is that our family has the opportunity to swim every day in the warmer weather however in all honesty, this doesn't usually happen. Last summer Rosie and Harry were yet to start swimming lessons and did not have very much water confidence.
They have grown a lot in this area and they have been able to enjoy the pool a lot more this summer. Rosie still prefers to be working on her crafts rather than spending hours in the pool but it is Harry that has really surprised us. Since Taff has worked on getting Harry comfortable in his lifejacket, his confidence and enjoyment of the pool has increased ten fold!
In fact, over the holiday period Harry has been in the pool up to eight times a day and is happy to frolic around in his wetsuit and lifejacket for hours...literally. We really weren't looking for a house with a pool and felt that our kids would be too young to really enjoy it. It just so happened that the house we wanted to purchase, just happened to have a pool and we have been so proud of our little man. He is a real water baby now and loves nothing more than enjoying the summer in the water. :)

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