Saturday, January 22, 2011

My First Project Life Layouts!

My beautiful Amber Edition album
I have finished my first few layouts for Project Life 2011!
I know it is early days but I am really enjoying assembling my album and the journaling aspect of the project.
I love writing a few words about each snapshot and recording our memories in this way. I am even considering getting a second kit so that I can organise all my 2010 photos into an album as they are all still on my hard drive and none are printed out!
Already Rosie and Harry enjoy looking at the snapshots and I can see them flicking through the album on a regular basis. It is a great source of discussion too. :)


Karen MacDonald said...

That looks really cool but i would have to have one that I could type the story on as my writting is bad :). I told Belinda her view from her house featured on a page.

Tui B said...

You can get a digital version of Project Life! :)