Friday, January 14, 2011


  Taff has been reading a book called Growing Great Boys: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Son by Ian Grant and there was a great suggestion regarding helping around the house. Ian believes that one of the things that little boys enjoy doing the most, is helping their dads. :) 
A few days ago Harry brought the pool lounger to Taff to inflate so they decided to turn it into a little father and son project. They got the air pump from the garage and Harry pumped up the lounger all by himself...and loved every minute of it.
He was so proud of himself that he decided to come and help me clean the garage and soon Taff and Rosie joined us too. We turned it into a whole family project for a few hours and the kids loved taking out all the rubbish in their wheelbarrows, sorting out items for charity and sweeping the floor. These experiences are one of my favourite parts of being a parent. :)

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Time Flies said...

awww yay that is awesome, its great when the feel impowered to do things for themselves