Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Families in Parks

A few days ago we were driving past our local park and Rosie spotted something of interest...lots of toys and things to look at and play with, a children's dream playland in fact!
I have heard of the Families in Parks community events before but we have never made it to any of them in the past and wow, was I impressed!
Rosie and Harry were beside themselves with joy to see all the equipment there for them to enjoy and we got to try so many new things together.
From tug of war to stilts, it was all there and we had a ball.
Harry particularly enjoyed this game...
and Rosie had a great time in the spinning wheel.
I love seeing my kids trying new things and these community park events are something I am really looking forward to taking advantage of this summer. :)

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Shazza Hazza said...

I have always meant to go to one of these, I must go sometime, it looks like great fun!