Tuesday, January 18, 2011


These holidays we decided to visit MOTAT as a family. It has been years since I went and Rosie had visited most recently with her school, so she was our "expert".
I must say, it has improved a lot since I last went a few years ago and we loved it!
The weather turned nasty while we were there (heavy downpours and all) but there was still a lot to do inside and we spent a couple of hours looking around all the exhibits.
I particularly loved the trip down memory lane with the vintage sofas, the bach and the little items of kiwiana.
Rosie and Harry's favourite part was the old schoolhouse and since no one else was in there at the time, we had a little role play with me as the teacher up the front. :)
Now that the kids are older it is so much fun visiting places like this and it was especially nice to go as a whole family. Holidays are awesome!

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