Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts on Taking Photos

As I have been making the effort to capture more photos of our family, I have been thinking about why this has become so important to me. Recently we packed up my beloved grandmother's home as it was being sold and we came across a small stash of photos. She passed away six years ago now and many of the photos were ones I had never seen before. We had a wonderful time looking through them and recalling precious memories. I loved looking at all the little details in the photos, as well as the people in them.
 The clothing, the furniture, the landscape, the cars and homes, it was all fascinating to me and I love that photos capture a moment in time that will never be repeated. It is for this reason that I feel it is important for me to snap as many moments of our life as I can, not just the big things, but the little things too. For many years I have taken photos of special events and nothing in between and as I reflect on this, this is not a true reflection of life in our family. Our life is not just about the big events, but the everyday seemingly mundane things. I want to remember what life was like in our sometimes hectic household in an honest way, and that includes messy floors and overflowing laundry piles.
 At first it felt very odd to be taking photos of anything and everything but now it is second nature to me and it doesn't feel strange. I want to remember my kids rolling in the grass, as well as a beautiful trifle for dessert. I want to remember all the little things that make up our busy life and help me to recall the memories that are attached to each one. I am really enjoying doing this and encourage everyone to capture more of their everyday life through photos. :)


Carol said...

Don;t forget the teary eyed ones

Karen MacDonald said...

This is so true and Camille has decided that she is going to take pics of the kids and their cousins sitting on the path outside my place every time they are together cause she loves them so much. She said it will be cool to see them grow up. River had her first pic on the path last night with her cousins :).

Tui B said...

Cute! Yep, photos are pretty special. :)