Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Hallway Update

Remember this wallpapered wall? Yes, I loved this paper so much and we always got lots of positive comments on it but I don't know, it just didn't "feel" right. As I mentioned in my previous post, the cool grey and white just didn't work with our warm timber floors and I wanted to have a better sense of flow with the colours throughout the rest of the house.
So one night, quite some time ago, I got out my bucket of warm soapy water and started stripping all the wallpaper off.
Given that it was only put up a few months prior, it all came off pretty easily, unlike the wallpaper in other rooms in the house.
I must say, we were quite sad to see it go and it has been replaced with a far more boring painted wall.
On this plus side, the wall now matches the rest of the house (Resene Soapstone, of course) and although boring, I feel better about it. I am quite conservative in my decorating tastes and this little wall confirmed that to me.
I have plans for our little front entrance but these ideas could take a while to come to fruition. We are cursed blessed with a 1960's home which feature wall lights. They are everywhwere...and I really don't like them. Mainly because I love light and I don't think they throw out enough of it!
This wall has a light smack bang in the middle of it, thereby making it very difficult to hang art or anything else on. Our plan is to get rid of this light and put up a large mirror instead. I still haven't decided whether to get a new ceiling light installed or just a power point and have lamps on our hall table instead.
Either way, these plans are in limbo at the moment so it is a rather unexciting part of the house. In the meantime though, I will continue to dream away about the possibilities.. Did someone say gallery wall? :)

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