Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shopping at Your Own Home

Today's post is all about saving money when it comes to decorating your home . It is something that I do all the time and is great fun...if you like that sort of thing. :)
I get bored with my surroundings very easily and love to make changes around our home on a regular basis. I am very much a home girl and it is my favourite place to be, so I love creating something new out of things I already own.
I have made cushions out of old bedspreads, pillowcases out of duvet covers and quilts out of bed sheets. I love upcycling old things into something new. It takes a little bit of time but the end product is so worth the effort.
One of my favourite things to do is to go our own home! I love going through the house and looking for ways I can change things around. Remember the vintage Sanderson cushions I made for our bedroom? They have since had a stint in our lounge, along with a throw rug from the spare room and the hall table from our entrance way.
It is amazing how different things look when placed in other parts of the house and best all, your shopping trip is free! Try and walk through your house with fresh eyes and see what you can steal from one room to embellish another.
Happy shopping!


Polkadot Carly said...

My goodness Tui! You are an inspiration!!! We are actually having a book club on just this type of thing in August! We would love you to come back and join us and share all your pearls of wisdom.
If you aren't able to make it would you mind if I shared your blog with them? You just have so many great ideas!!!

Kelly said...

Yes, please come! I was looking at this post with Levi and he said "Man, I wish I had a flash house like that!" He was very impressed when I told him it was Harry's house! I need some serious help!

Tui B said...

You are both so lovely! Thanks so much for your kind comments, far too kind actually. Let me know what date you are planning and I would love to pencil it in. If I can't make, I am happy for you to share any links from the blog that you would like. I am just a budget mama looking for chic on the cheap! lol. :)