Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Boys are Back in Town!

After two weeks with just us girls at home, Taff and Harry are back from the UK and Rosie and I are sooo happy to have them back. :)
It was very quiet without them and towards the end we were counting the days until their return. We were really excited to pick them up at the airport on Thursday and it was fantastic to see them coming through the gates.
It was also fantastic to see that all the shopping luggage arrived safely and intact! lol. I went a little overboard on Ebay UK and took advantage of the great exchange rate at the moment...there were many bargains to be had. :)
Our house is now back to normal and it is great to have the boys back. Holidays away are always great...but so is coming home. :)
Rosie trying her new Next satin party dress...$6!

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