Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Flatpack

Calling all Ikea can now buy your favourite Ikea products in NZ!
Sure, it isn't the large Auckland store we were hoping for but it does mean you can save yourself an overseas trip and excess baggage fees at the airport. :)
Ikea Expedit
Image courtesy of 6th Street Design School
My Flatpack has been around for a while now but they have recently updated their website and it is now even easier to order your Ikea goodies. Whether it be the the Billy, the Expedit or the PS Cabinet, you can get it all through them and if they don't have it in stock, they can get a quote and order it in for you.
Ikea Billy Bookcase
I for one am excited about the prospect as it is no secret that I love Ikea for cheap, fun solutions for your home. Not to mention Ikea stores, you need to set aside at least a day in there to soak it all in, followed by some Swedish meatballs at the cafe, of course. :)
Ikea PS Cabinet
Image courtesy of Decor Pad
So in lieu of our own Ikea store in NZ, I think My Flatpack will do just nicely for now. :)

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