Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hidden Treasures

I am soooo excited about this hidden treasure that we have have just found at our house. For the last four years I thought that all these precious momentos from my pregnancy and Harry's birth were lost forever. We have moved house twice since he was born and I assumed that they had gone missing in one of our moves. Words can't explain how excited I was to find these tucked away in an unused set of drawers yesterday!
I found all the cards we received when Harry was born, my pregnancy diary, all the DVD's and photos from our scans (we had at least 6), my feeding notes for the first few days and a packet of photos from the first four weeks of his life. I even found both of our hospital bracelets!
We have had several laptop crashes since the kids were born and have lost countless photos from their first years so I was over the moon to find these. Finding these lost treasures has given me the incentive to get onto compiling Rosie and Harry's albums and finding a permanent place for these special items. :)

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