Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rose in "the new dress"

Rose enjoyed wearing her new dress today. I think she would have preferred it to be pink (of course!) but I was going for more of a 'Mill and Mia' look like you see at the gorgeous shop, 'Child' in Ponsonby. :-) A pink one will be on the agenda soon.


Audpoles said...

OMG I love it! Very very cute! Good luck with the other dress.

karizmac said...

soooooo cute, you have been taught well haven't you :)

Camille.Harrison said...

What a gorgeous wee girl and she models that awesome dress so well :) I LOVE it!!Is a birthday dress on the agenda??

missyluluboutique said...

Hey Tui !
This is Helen (Seu) Edwards - Luz's mate/flatmate from back in the day at Waikato Uni. She told me about your blog and how you sew - and I am so excited that you do ! I sew custom clothing for kiddies as well - on both Ebay and Etsy. If you ever need any help on fabrics, patterns, applique or anything just let me know :)
This blog is for my designs - here is my Ebay 'Me' page:*lulu
I know there isn't the biggest selection of fabrics to choose from in NZ - if you need any just email me at
I love your designs ! - and your kiddies are so cute !!!
Love, Helen