Tuesday, June 17, 2008

12 Dancing Princesses

Rose's favourite movie at the moment is Barbie's 'The 12 Dancing Princesses' and from the moment she gets up till the sun goes down, she wants to be dressing up as a princess and dancing non stop! Yesterday her dress up fairy costume (which gets put over the top of all other clothing!) was in the wash after a Milo incident and I had no end of complaints, so last night I decided to quickly do up a costume for the interim period while the other one was in the wash.

I used an old white singlet and some pink spotty net type fabric (not stiff like tulle) which I got from the Spotlight $1 Clearance (naturally!). I got a large amount to use as a tablecloth for her upcoming birthday and used a portion for the overskirt. For the extra 3 layers underneath I just used an old organza curtain from our last house and gathered them all together with the pink spot and attached it to the singlet top. To finish it off I Googled how to make a fabric rose and made one out of the scrap spotty fabric and attached it to the bodice. She was so excited to see it hanging in the lounge this morning, all ready for more dancing adventures now!


Camille.Harrison said...

ohhhh i L-O-V-E it!!! sooooooooo cute she does look like a dancing princess :) cant wait to see yous!

Luz said...

hey!!!...this is ingenious! and rose is loving it. i've got my eye on your blog xox