Sunday, June 22, 2008

My pattern search...

Lately I have developed an obsession with finding a vintage Simplicity pattern which I saw on someone else's blog so each week I search and fossick through the pattern selections at various local op shops in the hope that it might be my lucky day. They have usually been picked over a thousand times by other hopefuls so there isn't usually too much choice left.

This changed however when I stumbled across a Red Cross shop last week! I hunted my way through the shop looking for the elusive "pattern box" and spied a tatty cardboard box underneath a shelf in the corner. It was retro pattern heaven! There were lots of kids patterns which was particularly what I was after. I made a small pile and took one to the assistant to ask how much it would be. She replied, "I don't think we charge much for old patterns, 5 cents". When she saw me come to the counter with a pile I think she wondered if she had given the wrong price (especially since 5 cent pieces don't exist anymore!). She said "I better check the price dear". Another lady came and said "10 cents each". I was still happy with that!

I popped down the road to get some cash (one of the few op shops that don't have Eftpos these days) and they must have discussed it while I was gone as by the time I got back the price has risen to 20 cents each! :) Never mind, I still got a bargain and can't wait to try some of these out.

I am still searching for the Simplicity pattern......

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