Sunday, June 15, 2008

My sewing related bargains for the week!

I got three great sewing bargains this week. :-)

1. Touchwood rimu change table for $20 which I am using as my storage trolley for fabric.

2. My very favourite, an Elna Press for $25! It is in very good condition and apart from being a little musty smelling (I think it hadn't been used in years!), works like a dream. Pressing anything is a joy on this thing! :-)

3. Clearance fabrics for $1 per metre at Spotlight. I bought a few large pieces and have no idea what I will do with them but I couldn't pass them up. I also got some great zebra print remnants to make some buggy liners out of.


karizmac said...

those sure were good bargins, well done

Camille.Harrison said...

Wow what a score!! :)