Monday, March 14, 2011

Young House Love Blog

If you are looking for an uber cool blog to inspire you then go no further than Young House Love.
I stumbled upon this blog a few months ago and it has become a firm favourite ever since. The blog is run by John and Sherry, a young couple with truckloads of style and a highly entertaining way of expressing themselves.
They began their blog as a way of documenting the renovation of their home and it wasn't long before word spread. Their blog is now so successful that it has become a business!
I am in love with their style and am always so inspired by what they are able to achieve, often on a budget and in a short space of time.
These images are of their last house, which they have now sold. They have now bought a new place and continue to share their renovating journey with the world wide web.
Check out their Projects Page for some of their amazing work. This is definitely one to add to your blog favourites. :)

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Jaye said...

Cute! I love the white painted fireplace!