Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Organising Duplo

Harry and I have been working on a new way to organise his Duplo. He LOVES building with Duplo and we needed an easier way for him to be able to do the clean up himself. :)
Virtually all the Duplo has been purchased second hand and came in a variety of these plastic containers. While these were great for storage, they were tricky for Harry to use as the lids would often pop up and he could never fit all the pieces back in each one.
Cue the Sterilite Baskets! These things are great and I use them all over the house for a variety of uses. They are readily available from places like Briscoes and The Warehouse and are much sturdier and better quality than baskets from the dollar chain stores.
Harry tipped all the Duplo into his two new baskets and together we found a new home for them underneath his bed. It is great having such a child friendly solution as now he can pull out the Duplo when he wants...and also easily clean it all up again!
It was also nice to have some Mummy and son bonding time. I hope he is just as enthusiastic about cleaning when he gets older! I'm not sure about that one. :)

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