Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sneak Peek: Harry's Big Boy Bedroom

We have recently made some changes to Rosie and Harry's sleeping situation. They have loved sharing a room and have had hours of fun keeping each other awake in the evenings, talking and laughing together. Taff and I would often stand outside the door and just listen to the fun going on in there, it was lovely.
Sneek Peek at Harry's Big Boy Room
Just recently Rosie has started to mention that she would like to move back to her old bedroom (now the guest room) again. She really enjoys playing with her dollhouse at the moment and builds elaborate set ups which she is very protective of. Harry was not so careful around these and there was the occasional melt down as her well planned sets were pulled to pieces.
Room in it's original state
We decided that we would separate them back into their own rooms again and there was much excitement from both of them!
Varnished woodwork and peach mottled effect wallpaper
Harry stayed in the original room with the bunks and Rosie has moved down the hall to her old room.
The stripping in progress
There wasn't a lot to do in Harry's room but we decided together (both my kids like looking at interiors and talking about them!) that we could create a more boyish space for him.
Ably assisted by Harry!
So here is a sneak peek, and just to show you how far we have come, here are some 'before' photos of the room when we moved in. :)

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