Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kids Summer Bedroom Update: Part One

I have been meaning to share this little room update for a few weeks now and have finally got around to blogging it! With the impending arrival of a new baby in a few months, we needed to evaluate how we use the bedrooms in our house.
We have three bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs...BUT our children are still too young to be so far away from us and really need to be close to us. Our house layout is perfect for teenagers but we are a few years off that so in the meantime, there will be sharing. :)
Harry and Rosie's previous bedroom was in the smallest and warmest room in the house. It is a lovely room but gets super hot during summer and they have had some trouble getting to sleep in there in the past. It is fantastic in winter though! We decided that this would make the best room for the nursery so set about the mammoth task of moving the bunks and everything else to their new room.
I am very single minded when I approach jobs like this and will literally not rest until it is finished. This usually means I am still working away in the late hours of the night to get it all done. We decided to prepare the new room as a surprise for Rosie and Harry while they were staying with their grandparents for the weekend. It is too difficult to tackle such a big job with little ones around!
A few months ago I got Taff to bring back some Ikea Fabler Resa duvet sets from the UK as I thought they would be great for a summer bedroom and suitable for girls or boys. They are very light and fresh looking and I love them! They were also very cheap, even better. :)
The duvets were the only things we purchased new for the room. Everything else we repurposed from their olds rooms and other parts of the house. I made Harry's bottom bunk more boyish with his red star and stripe cushions and his blue 'H' block art (I made this myself) at the top of his headboard.
I tried to make Rosie's top bunk more girly with some pink pillowcases and cushions. I also strung up her bunting that I made from Cath Kidston fabric a couple of years ago. It is always satisfying creating a new look for very little money and I really enjoy little projects like this. :)

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