Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Fun: Letters to Santa

Can you believe that December has rolled around so quickly? "Old people" used to tell me that the years go faster as you get older. They were so right!
With the arrival of December comes all the fun that comes with it. We decided to start with our letters to Santa. After all, it is important to give Santa as much notice as possible for these things! :)
I found these fantastic Santa Letter printables at one of my favourite blogs, A Little Delightful. The talented Bianca creates the most amazing things for her blog readers and I highly recommend you stop by for a look when you have a spare moment. 
Rosie and Harry drafted their letters first and then we set about writing them on these gorgeous templates. They had so much fun doing this and are looking forward to sending these off to Santa.
Of course, I want to keep these gorgeous letters for our family album so Santa will have to settle for a photocopy of them instead. What activities do you have planned for the coming weeks?

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