Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Project Life Tuesday: Sad Parenting Moments

Project Life Tuesday for today is sad moments in parenting. I know that there will be many times when my children are hurt, but when they are, it breaks my heart! I picked up Harry from preschool recently and found this bruise under his eye. It turned out he had been kicked in the face by a "friend"...on purpose.
I was so upset and my distress was even greater in the morning when his bruise became ten times worse. I just wanted to bundle him up in cotton wool and keep him by my side so he could never experience any hurt again. The funny thing was that Harry himself was already over it and assured me he was fine and that it only hurt "when he pushed it hard". He continues to play with his friend every day and all is forgotten. I probably need to take a leaf out of my four year old's book!
Challenge for Project Lifers: Take a snapshot of your child's next bruise or scrape. It does feel very strange to do so but every bump tells a story. :)

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Time Flies said...

Aww Harry you brave boy..i just recently posted a blog post about Dakotas bad day with all her grazes etc..poor kid all battered up