Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Fun at Butterfly Creek

A few weeks ago we headed to Butterfly Creek, an animal park in South Auckland.
It has been quite a while since we last went so it was great to see the new crocodile and bug section.
Rosie and Harry were able to pat the new spring lambs and have a hold of the rabbits and guinea pigs.
They were even able to feed the baby goat a bottle! They have heard me share stories of how I would feed my pet lamb Josie each day.
I have always felt lucky to have had that time living on the farm and one of the sad things about living in the city is a lack of these opportunities for my own kids.
The Butterfly House was also great and they loved having the butterflies landing all around them. You can see from the foggy photo how hot and steamy it was in there!
I would recommend Butterfly Creek for all ages and my kids really enjoyed it. They are looking forward to visiting again soon.

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Time Flies said...

looks awesome, think that is something we might have to do when we head to NZ