Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday: A Perfect Day for Setting Goals

There is something about a Sunday that gets me excited. Knowing I have a day of rest ahead (after church, of course!) to just relax and plan for the week ahead is priceless to me and I always feel more enthused about anything and everything after a good Sunday rest. :)
Now for me, rest does not involve any sleeping. I am not a napper and never have been, I often wish I was! Rest for me is making plans and having the luxury of time to think about those plans and write them down. Today Taff and I sat down to make some goals and plans for our home. Yet again we have come to a halt with our renovation and redecoration plans and it is time to kick start it again. That is how we roll, work hard for a few weeks and then lose steam and enthuiasm and stop work for twice as long. This house has a lot of things that we love...but it is a lot of work and it never ends. Today was the day to set some goals and in doing so, we are excited again! Now to the hard part....seeing them through. :)

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