Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Sandwich Fun

I have been facing a challenge in our household. There is a member of the family who shall remain nameless (but her name starts with R), who is a very fussy eater. She was a dream baby and a perfect sleeper...but as soon as we hit the 15 month mark, everything turned to custard with her eating. This was a sign of things to come and I have to say, not a lot has changed. She loves what she loves (chicken and rice anyone?) and everything else is a challenge.
This makes school lunches extra difficult and month after month, her sandwiches would come home with a couple of bites out of them, or still wrapped up and uneaten. We thought we would tackle this by removing all the "nice" food from her box. Crackers, home baking, popcorn and all other yummy things were taken out and she literally only had her sandwiches, fruit and water left. This backfired on us and both the fruit and sandwiches were still coming home untouched. Yep, she preferred to eat NOTHING all day!
Looking for anything to try and improve this, I decided to try and make sandwiches more fun for her. I dug out all the cookie cutters and started cutting her sandwiches into special shapes and to my amazement, it worked! Yes, lots of the bread was wasted but finally she was eating her sandwiches. The heart shape ones are her favourites.
So please, if anyone has any ideas for fussy eaters and school lunches, please help me out. I am pretty sure this trick is not going to last forever and I need new inspiration! :)


Time Flies said...

ooo fun sandwiches...wish i had something to offer to help but nothing:( good luck

Geraldine said...

Come on Tui, embrace the mighty thermos. We've started a craze at school. Soups, pasta, leftovers, hot or cold..the perfect break from sandwiches. I wouldn't be without one now. We have one of the 'foogo' range from Thermos. It's excellent.