Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Block

Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you the obsession that I have with this fantastic show! 
Rather embarrassingly, I am a reality TV fan from way back and have had a long time love of the DIY genre in particular. No surprises there.
The way that calm is created out of chaos really appeals to me and this show has a bit of everything I love...drama, DIY, fun and of course, beautiful rooms!
This year The Block is set in Richmond, Melbourne and there are four couples working on the most dilapidated worker's cottages you have ever seen. Each week they complete one room in the house (and on occassion, two!) and are judged. The winning team gets extra money to help out the next week and by golly, it is good TV.
Josh and Jenna's Spare the pallet bed!
I love all the couples and their rooms are fantastic. I particularly love Josh and Jenna and Katrina and Amie. Their styles are rigt up my alley and each week I drool at what they come up with.
Sigh, I want an office like Josh and Jenna's
 Our whole family loves The Block and even Rosie and Harry will sit down and watch it for a little while and offer their opinions on who will win that week.
Dream big!
In fact, this show has got us so excited that we are thinking of replicating a similar approach in our own house to boost the motivation. :) Obviously we can't finish a room a week with our working shedule but we are thinking a room a month 'might' be possible. Downstairs has been neglected for the past year (due to the water issues we faced) and has been stripped bare. We are in the middle of getting the new drainage laid and there are no more leaks so now is the time to get moving.
Katrina and Amie's winning lounge
We have three rooms to sort down there. A study and two bedrooms, one of which we would like to make into a kids TV and playroom. The bathroom is semi complete apart from the 1970's shower but it is still the preferred shower of most of the people who stay with us! Our goal is to tackle the painting of all the rooms first, while the flooring is up and paint splatters on the ground won't matter. I am under intructions from Taff that I must choose the colour by the week's end. Given that it took for several months to decide upstairs, I really better get moving. :)

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