Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rediscovering Old Favourites

We have been rediscovering old favourites at our house lately. I try to rotate our toys as much as possible so that we never have too many out at one time. This helps to control the mess and ensure that all the toys are enjoyed as they should be! Rosie and Harry were very lucky to have a large Brio train set sent to them from Taff's family in the UK last year. The Brio has been in Taff's family for a few years and has been enjoyed by many...including our two!
Unfortunately due to our play area downstairs being out of action, we had to pack the Brio away for a little while but Harry requested that we bring it out again last weekend and he has been playing with it ever since! He can literally play for hours with this and it is the first thing he asks to get out when we get home each afternoon. He has never been particularly interested in TV (Rosie is a different story!) and I love seeing him chatting away to himself, immersed in the journeys of his imagination. :)

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