Thursday, February 17, 2011

Online Bargains

Isn't this a gorgeous assortment of cushions? Today I thought I would share one of my best tips for snaring bargains on Trademe! You need to keep your eyes peeled and you need to know what you are looking for, but even with Trademe as saturated as it is, there are still great deals to be had. :) These cushions for example...cost me nothing. Yep, that's right nothing...well, almost! I spotted them late one night (they were three separate bulk auctions from the same seller) and added them to my watchlist as although they weren't photgraphed very well, I could tell they were all good brands and in great condition. The next day the seller sent through fixed price offers at a BARGAIN price and I LOVE cushions so snapped them up!
When Rosie and I picked them up (from a very very nice house) the seller even gave me a few extras for free. I took them home, decided which ones I wanted to keep, and sold off the rest individually or in pairs. They were all from pretty high end stores so they sold quickly. Not only did I get all the money back that I paid for them, but I actually got three times the amount I paid, as well as keeping half the cushions for myself!
Some of the cushions I kept were used in a spare room update.
So my tip is to look at bulk auctions and try to identify the value of items indivually, rather than as a whole. Often items in bulk lots could sell for a lot more indivually but many sellers just want to get rid of everything in one hit, this can work to your advantage. Keep what you want and then resell what you don't. My aim is to make back most of the money that I paid for the whole lot in the first place and hopefully more. You can then put this towards something else you are saving for! Happy bargain hunting.

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