Friday, January 16, 2009

An afternoon of skill building...the results!

I had really come to a halt with my sewing because there were skills I had yet to master. Namely, putting in zips! I have a lot of patterns that I have avoided due to my fear of zips. Yesterday afternoon, with guidance from Karen, I finally did it! I made two jackets, one for Rose and one for my niece Eden, who is 6. I also learnt how to top-stitch, make a kangaroo pocket and attach a curved rib collar. I was so proud of myself! We had to shorten the zips as they were too long for the girls and this was a little tricky but I learnt that if I sew very slowly and make every stitch count, I am less likely to stuff it up, especially around the collar and pocket areas! We used a simple slim fit top pattern and adjusted it. Now that I have made this style of jacket, I can see the potential for making similar styles for Winter. Eg. Hooded and lined jackets. I can just adapt the skills I have learnt to suit the fabric and pattern of future jackets. I hope to make a grown up version for myself (in more subdued colours to suit my conservative personality!) and Chelsea has also requested a black check bomber style one. This garment was a milestone for me, I no longer have to fear the dreaded zip!

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