Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organising a Pregnancy

A few months ago I blogged about the organising system I use for vouchers and coupons. It is still working really well for us so I decided to use the same technique to organise all the pregnancy information I have been inundated with over the last few months.
I used the same type of mini folder I used before and decided on some categories which would help to organise all the information I had. Some of the categories I chose included Pregnancy Diary, Blood Test Forms, Scan Forms, Test Results and a place to store pregnancy and baby specific vouchers I have received.
I have found this a fantastic system which keeps all my important information together in one place. This means that when I have a midwife appointment or scan, I just grab my folder and no longer need to go hunting for scan forms or other loose documentation.
It is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to something I struggled with a bit during my last two pregnancies. I was forever writing things down on tiny bits of paper and then misplacing them. I am sure a more organised person wouldn't have need for such a system like this, but for me it has really worked. :)
Oh and look what I picked up for the nursery. As soon as I saw this Zuny giraffe a few weeks ago, I fell in love with it. It is actually a paperweight but I thought it would be nice touch in the new baby's room. :)

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